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** National Weather Service Looking for a few Good Observers! **

If you love watching and documenting the weather, the Weather Service would love to use your observations as part of the forecast and warning program, and publish your observation on our website. We are looking for persons to observe, collect and report the daily maximum, minimum and ambient temperatures as well as the 24 hour precipitation amounts including snowfall and snow depth.

The only requirement is a reasonable set of instruments including a maximum and minimum thermometer, a reliable rain gage, and a radio to report your observations to the Wisconsin Badger Weather Net. Your instruments must be properly sited away from buildings or other structures that could influence temperature readings. Ideally, thermometers are housed in a ventilated shelter and are located over a grassy area . Mounting the sensor off of the north side of the house, shielded from the direct sun rays is, also, acceptable. Rain gages are located twice the distance away from the tallest obstruction if possible. Low cost wireless home weather stations have proven to give reasonable reports when the sensors are properly installed.

Your observations will be used to validate model and grid point data, used in the hydrologic model for flood forecasts, used to produce text and graphic product s for the Internet, used by the mass media and by other private and government entities. Other requirements include documentation of your stations description of your station including instrument type, exact latitude, longitude, and elevation. Observation times are between 5 and 7:15 am Central Time daily. Questions and guidance are provided by the National Weather Service through the Wisconsin Badger Weather Net which provides the communications for the network.

Please check back often and have a great day!