Join the Wisconsin Badger Weather Net!!

The Badger Weather Net, one of the oldest and largest weather nets, runs every day from 5 - 7:15 a.m. Central Time on 3984 KHz. We collect Ground Truth weather from stations around Wisconsin and beyond and pass those reports to the NWS Sullivan office for their Co-op volunteer program. Until recently, the only way to submit reports was on 75 meters. However, we now have added two other Amateur Radio modes: Echolink and the Wisconsin WeComm VHF voice repeater network.

ECHOLINK: Do it from your computer or via RF. Echolink - W9YT-R. Echolink node number: 520577 EchoLink. This means that ANY licensed amateur, regardless of license class, location around the country, can become a BWN member! Your reports are posted on the NWS websites!

WECOMM: The WeComm Voice Network is designed to provide base coverage throughout Wisconsin. Select the repeater closest to your location from this list: WECOMM
If you are on the run, no problem as it takes just a minute or so to send your weather report to the Pickup operator.

Put out a call to: “Badger Weather Net --- (Your Callsign)” and a BWN Staff Member should reply. Due to some busy operating periods, there might be some delay getting back to you. If no one comes back to you within a minute or so, try again! Or, email your report to W9IXG: Email W9IXG

Don, W9IXG BWN Manager

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