First Preamble for BWN:

On the 14th of December in '64
The Badger Weather Net started to soar;
Regardless of rain - snow - wind or heat
The crack of dawn is the time to meet.
CQ CQ is the call for you -
If you have weather - this net will do
To let us know your state of bliss,
If it be a deluge or a miss.

We'd like to know the temp-per-a-ture
With Max & Min and the present for sure.
Air pressure and sky are welcome too,
With how much precip. - even dew.
The net meets daily at 6 AM - 3984 if no QRM;
All legal traffic is passed with speed -
And if you really have the need -
The "short-timers" can jump in quick
And out again - slick as a flick


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